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Do you need to have construction materials, debris or waste moved away from site? Hire one of our 6-wheeler tippers and operator to get your job done timely and accurately. Contact us today for a quote.

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    Tipper trucks have become increasingly popular, from minor landscaping work to major construction projects, where the movement of heavy materials from one location to another becomes required. The 6-wheeler tipper, in particular, is fairly popular for numerous jobs. This tipper gives support for various other earthmoving machines, like excavators, which dig out materials but require a truck to relocate the material to another place.

    Dobson Excavations offers 6 wheeler tipper hire that can load up to 12.5 tons of weight per trip. If you have a lot more to load or have two types of material you would like to transport at the same time, you can decide to add our dog trailer attachment, which will enable you to load up to 29 tons of load.

    Whether you are doing minor jobs, such as landscaping, or larger construction work, this tipper will not only ensure you get the materials from one area or destination to another, but you also get to unload them where they are needed without human assistance. This basically means the cost of running the task will be a lot lower given that you don’t need to stress over spending a lot more on a much heavier labor force to load and unload the material.

    We offer 6-Wheeler tipper hire throughout the entire Perth metro area and South west, such as (but not limited to): Perth, Jarrahdale, Roleystone, Karragullen, Kalamunda, Bickley, Serpentine, Mundijong, Whitby, Hopeland, Keysbrook, Dandalup, Myara, Karrakup, Cardup, Byford, Oldbury, Wellard, Baldivis, Keralup, Rockingham, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Waikiki, Warnbro, Calista, Orelia, Oakford, Darling Downs, Armadale, Bunbury, Mandurah, Pinjarra, Harvey, Wandering, Collie, Boddington, Crossman, Brookton, Beverley, Dwellingup

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    Tasks that Call For using the 6-wheeler Tipper


    This is the industry where our tippers are most useful due to the fact that that heavy material requires to be relocated from one location to another, specifically when the site is being cleared for construction. The 6-wheeler tipper hire is excellent for relocating material, specifically when excavation is being done to make room for the structure of a building.

    The structure and support of the tipper make it an ideal choice for transferring heavy construction materials, such as soil, aggregates, hardcore, and crushed rock. The hydraulic arm makes it possible for the container carrying the material to be lifted and tipped over, allowing the material to be put where it is needed within a short time.

    Transport waste to landfills or reusing plants

    Companies that generate huge quantities of waste might need a tipper to relocate the heavy load to a recycling centre or the landfills. Our 6 wheeler tipper can carry tons of waste, which lowers the operating costs.

    Big landscaping and horticulture jobs

    The Dobson Excavations Tipper trucks offer the perfect service for relocating landscaping materials, such as rocks, sand, soil, and crushed rock from one location to another. It is also excellent for bringing in fresh soil in areas where soil fertility is a challenge. Given that the 6-wheeler tipper is heavy and fairly stable when relocating or tipping the container, there is little stress over the security of the materials or the surface.

    6-wheeler Tipper hire Golden Bay considerations

    The weight limit of the tipper

    The tipper weight limit will have an effect on the number of trips you will be able to make when moving the material required for the task. If you require even more trips, you might require to hire the tipper for a great deal longer, and you will consequently invest a lot more on the hire prices. If need be, request a dog attachment together with our 6-wheeler tipper to make sure that you can carry a lot more materials to decrease the number of trips.

    Does the site have room constraints

    While the weight limit of the 6 wheeler tipper is essential, you also need to take into consideration the site's restrictions. Will the tipper have trouble accessing some of the areas, specifically where the material requires to be deposited or extracted?

    If there are space restrictions, you might require to look for ways to manage the movement of trucks in and out of the site. For instance, if the issue is the space to turn, our tipper drivers have the proficiency to reverse into the site for loading and discharging. It is, nevertheless, vital to adhere to all security guidelines to guarantee the site is safe for the loading vehicles and workers.

    What is the loading mechanism?

    Are you using an excavator to load the materials onto the tipper, or do you intend to use manual labour? The method you use will have an effect on how long it will take to load the materials and the duration that the tipper will be in use. If you are using manual labour, the operating expense, when you include the length of time you will require the 6 wheeler tipper hire, will be longer, specifically if the load is heavy.

    What type of load is it?

    Are you moving rocks and boulders, or is the load mainly murram, sand and crushed rock? Rocks and boulders are not only heavy, but when dropped in the tipper, they can create dents and various other types of damages. If moving sand and murram, is it damp or completely dry? When the load is wet, it is heavier, and this will naturally increase the weight of the load.

    How many tippers do you require?

    When hiring tippers, it is essential to have all the information regarding the task, including the quantity of material you expect to relocate and how long you think it will take to get it done. If you have a stringent schedule but have a lot of materials to transport, you can decide to have an early start, hire even more trucks, or request the dog attachment to make sure that you can transport a lot more load.

    Possible loading and offloading hold-ups

    When hiring the 6-wheeler tipper, you require to take into consideration the likelihood of loading and unloading hold-ups when estimating the duration of hire. If you have several trucks moving in and out of the site, possibilities of hold-ups are high. Shorter offloading and loading hold-ups, indicate you will be able to transfer even more materials and reduce the duration of the hire.

    Safety is also vital when it comes to tippers. When selecting where to unload the material, you require to guarantee the surface will offer the security the tipper requires to securely unload the materials without being overwhelmed by the weight.

    Dobson Excavations has licensed and experienced drivers. They recognise the importance of not taking unnecessary risks not only because the security of everybody on the site is vital to use, but also because we want to ensure your schedule is not affected because wrong decisions were taken.

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