Earthworks and Pad Preparation

Dobson Excavations Earthworks and Pad Preparation

This is one of the recent jobs completed by us.  It’s an important one to note because of the compaction required.  The house pad sand level is 750mm.  Dobson Excavations supplied, laid  and compacted the sand.  A compaction certificate was supplied to the Builder and customer.

As a one-stop earthworks and excavation contractor, we can supply/ lay/compact and be less expensive than most building companies, who hire other earthmoving companies and then puts his percentage on top.

Plus we have been told by the certified company who has completed the testing for more than 12 years on our pads, compaction is above most of the other companies with higher blow testing rates, which most companies cannot achieve this because they’re pressured to complete there jobs in a time frame by the builders.

Would you trust the stability of your pad on a ‘rushed job”?  We wouldn’t either.  If quality work is what you’re looking for, call us a for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

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