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Excavation is important for nearly every building and construction project. When constructing a residential or commercial building, installing underground pipelines, or carrying out road construction jobs, you require to excavate the ground and also eliminate the dirt, rocks and various other debris that might affect the structural integrity of the foundation.

Dobson Excavations is an Australian Family Owned and Operated Earthmoving and Excavation Company.

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    Excavation is crucial for nearly every building task. When constructing a domestic or commercial structure, installing below ground pipelines, or undertaking road construction jobs, you require to excavate the ground and also remove the dirt, rocks and various other debris that may impact the structural integrity of the structure.

    We offer Excavator hire throughout the entire Perth metro area and South west, such as (but not limited to): Perth, Jarrahdale, Roleystone, Karragullen, Kalamunda, Bickley, Serpentine, Mundijong, Whitby, Hopeland, Keysbrook, Dandalup, Myara, Karrakup, Cardup, Byford, Oldbury, Wellard, Baldivis, Keralup, Rockingham, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Waikiki, Warnbro, Calista, Orelia, Oakford, Darling Downs, Armadale, Bunbury, Mandurah, Pinjarra, Harvey, Wandering, Collie, Boddington, Crossman, Brookton, Beverley, Dwellingup

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    The type of excavation that you carry out will depend on the type of building. In some cases, you require to dig deep and also relocate big amounts of dirt and also rocks, in various other circumstances, like when excavating a trench, the excavation job is only a small task.

    The same can be said when dealing with your landscape design, especially if you are dealing with level surface. The machines you require to relocate, and also the depth of the excavation will direct you in determining the type of excavation required. In many cases, excavation is classified based on the type of material being removed from the earth. We offer excavator hire Keysbrook in the whole city location and also South-west.


    This type of excavation entails the removal of the top layer of the earth's surface area. This layer consists of dirt, vegetation, and also various other debris. This type of excavation can be completed either making use of a mini excavator which is typically used for smaller projects or tight access sites. If the ground is too compact then our 8-ton excavator or 21-ton Excavator will defiantly get the job done. Either of these Excavators can dig trenches and also lay pipelines, it simply depends upon the size and also weight of the pipelines.

    Stripping excavation Keysbrook

    This type of excavation is also referred to as cut and fill. This excavation is common when dealing with a huge location where an excavator removes layers of dirt, sand, rocks, and also various other debris, and moves it to another location with the possibility of it being used as backfilling. When all the job has been completed, the land may also be graded.


    This is done by specialist excavation contractors Keysbrook like Dobson Excavations. It calls for the combination of a rock hammer add-on, for the excavator. This is due to the fact that the excavator alone may not have the power to puncture the rock as trying to do this will wreck the excavator. Instead, we utilise the rock hammer add-on which will break the rocks into smaller pieces.


    This type of excavation gets its name from the type of material being removed. It is a combination of dirt and also water, which is a difficulty throughout construction. As opposed to permitting the dirt and water to impede construction, it is typically best to remove it and spread it to dry. Additionally, this material is relocated to another location.

    Earth Excavation Keysbrook

    This is the main kind of excavation done before the building of structures, bridges, and also drainage channels. Earth excavation entails the removal of topsoil and also the rock layer below it.

    Excavator hire Keysbrook based on a clear Purpose

    What kind of excavation you need determines the type of excavator that is most suitable for the project. For instance, excavating a dam or loading large trees would need our 21 Ton Excavator, our 8 Ton Excavator is very versatile, as it has a hammer, auger and also ripper add-ons, so it can hammer rock/concrete etc, and for any openings that are required our auger can aid. Our auger add-ons are 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm. For ripping through hard ground, the ripper add-on will tear through practically any ground. The 2 Ton Excavator is exceptional for getting through tight access gate fences and also through garages and carports.

    Basement excavator

    This excavation can be quite complex due to the fact that it is based on the design of the structure, and also how deep the excavation contractor expects the construction to go. This type of excavation entails using one of the most effective excavators in the market.

    Road excavator

    All road construction call for excavation, typically of the topsoil, before any grading or scraping is done. In some cases the physical properties of the fill material may not be suitable so the excavator may be required to relocate the material to trucks that will move it somewhere else.

    Aspects for Excavator hire Keysbrook

    Aspects that influence the type of excavator that appropriate for your project are:
    • Purpose of excavation
    • Sort of ground
    • The size of the building site
    • Timeframe.
    • Building and construction budget.
    When it comes to excavator hire Keysbrook, Dobson Excavations is the company you are searching for. We can advise you the equipment you will require for your task. So get in touch with us today at 0414 755 306 or dobson_excavations@live.com.