Septic Tank and Leach Drain Installations South and North of Perth

Septic Tank and Leach Drain Installations South and North Of Perth

Septic Tank Systems are also referred to as wastewater, safe disposal of sewage and effluent. Septic Tank Systems either consist of 1 or 2 concrete cyclinders tanks and 1 or 2 sets of leach Drains.

When installing septic tank systems ensure minimum clearance distance from, the highest groundwater level, water supplies such as bores, creeks, dams etc, buildings and boundaries and subsoil and open drainage channels. Vehicles can not drive over them, the weight of the vehicle would damage the system which would reduce the ability to absorb effluent.

An application for approval from Council for installation of a Septic Tanks Systems is required. Maintain of the Septic Tank Systems is required if too much sludge and scum accumulates in the Tanks and then solids, grease and oil will not seperate and will pass out into the Leach drains which will clog the soil surrounding the drainage leach drains, to avoid this, the Septic tanks will need pumping out regularly. A licensed liquid waste contractor should be engaged to complete this job.

For a guide before cleaning it out, every eight years for a 2 person household, every four years for a 4 person household, and more often with greater numbers.

Problems with your systems is sewage begins to back up into household pipes. The ground becomes soggy around the leach drains and it smells.

There are a number of Septic Tanks Systems, but it you want your system to last many years, without issues then Concrete Septic Tanks and Leach drains are the best way to go. They might be a bit more expensive, but they will last longer then the plastic systems which can spilt and decay underground. where concrete ones will not. Spend a little more, than you will not have to waste more money later on.

If you require a new concrete Septic Tank System Supplied and Installed then Please Call Bruce on 0414755306 for a quote.


Dobson Excavations Earthmoving and Excavation Services Leach Drains Set-up


Dobson Excavations Earthmoving and Excavation Services Septic Tanks Installation and Set-up

Septic Tank and Leach Drains Supplied and Installed




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