Septic Tank Systems Supplied and Install Perth-Harvey-Pinjarra-Dwellingup

Septic Tanks Systems Supplied and Install Perth-Harvey-Pinjarra-Dwellingup

Before installing a Septic Tank System council approval will be required next is selecting your Septic Tank System there is either concrete or plastic, but concrete is the best choice as it will last a lot longer and will not spilt or deter ate like plastic.

Septic Tank Systems consists of septic tanks which come in various sizes with cast in bottoms which means that you will not have to have the bottoms cemented in after they are installed. Difference with a cast in bottom is that they are installed and ready to go, but if you have to cement the bottoms, council will asked for them to be filled with water to see if they leek, where a cast in bottom does not have to this procedure. Septic Tanks can also have trafficable lids so cars can be driven over the area where the tanks are installed.

Septic Tanks Systems also include leach drain modular, which come in segments of 1.2m length which can be joined to any length required. Pumps can also be supplied with tanks if required.

Dobson Excavations can supply, install and connect your Septic Tank Systems, if a electrician is required then we can call on Dobson Electrical Contracting which can connect the pump.

As Dobson Excavations is a family owned and operated business we can complete the job from start to finish contact Bruce for a non obligation quote on 0414755306 or email us on

Dobson Excavations Septic Tank Systems Leach Drains


Dobson Excavations Septics and Soak Wells Septics Tanks System

Septic Tank Systems supplied by Dobson Excavations

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