Supply Install Leach Drains Perth-Keysbrook-Dwellingup-Yunderup

Supply Install Leach Drains Perth-Keysbrook-Dwellingup-Yunderup

A leach drains are a tube like structure which is constructed in concrete or plastic which is buried in the ground. There are holes in each side. Leach drains come in length segments 1.2m in concrete.


A Leach Drains Standard,  width overall 850mm, internal 630mm, Height 685 and wall thickness 65mm, top is 65mm.

Traffic Leach Drains width overall 850mm, internal is 630mm, wall thickness 65mm, top 150mm.

Liquid waste disposes through the holes on the side of the Leach drains, the amount depends on the type of soil around the leach drains, the drainage cloth and installation.

Contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations 0414755306, as we supply your leach drains, excavate the hole, install the leach drains, supply the drainage cloth if required, supply any sand or gravel required and back fill. So we complete the job from start to finish.#Dobson excavations

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