6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog hire can carry more materials, around 22 ton compared to a 6 wheeler at around 12 ton.

At  Dobson Excavations we can cater for your all your Earthmoving or Excavations requirements, with our 6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire to either remove your rubbish/sand/soil etc  or delivery of all your material requirements.

Demolish materials can also be removed a lot quicker with a 6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire. 

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog hire, have more moveability than a semi, so the load can be separated if required, so the dog trailer can unload in one area and the remaining truck load can be unloaded in another area if required. Or if 2 different materials are required than we can load for example sand in the Truck and gravel in the dog trailer, where a semi can not do this.

Dobson Excavations Truck and Dog Hire Equipment for Excavation and Earthmoving Contractor



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