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Trench diggers, or Trenchers, are a great tool if you need to dig trenches fast, deep or over a long distance. It's invaluable when manual trench digging would take too long or would be impossible.

Dobson Excavations offers trench digger hire services. Our range of trench diggers is extensive. Contact us today for a quote.

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    Trench diggers are normally categorised according to their digging style and the amount of pressure they make use of to penetrate the ground. While you can make use of shovels and spades to dig small trenches in your lawn or garden, there are circumstances when you need a more powerful tool, specifically when digging deep trenches. Often, selecting a trench digger for hire Batchelor might not always be since you require an effective tool, but it could be due to the fact that you need to get the work completed rapidly.

    Excavator or Trencing machine?

    At Dobson Excavations we have a 2-ton, 8-ton and 21-ton excavators. These excavators can carry out any tasks dedicated trench diggers can do. Since we have various size excavators, our group can use the right size specific to the trenches you require to dig.

    8-ton Excavator with numerous accessories for rocky locations

    Before selecting the trench digger to hire, you need to determine exactly how deep you have to dig, how wide the trench needs to be, the type of material being excavated, and the trench digger hire cost. If the ground has lots of rocks, you need to hire a sturdy trench digger, like the 8-ton excavator from Dobson Excavations. It comes with the Auger and Rock Hammer accessories which help to rapidly crush rocks when digging a trench in a location with lots of rocks.
    We service the entire Darwin metro area and regional area around it, such as (but not limited to): Darwin, Acacia Hills, Adelaide River, Batchelor, Bees Creek, Berrimah, Blackmore, Coconut Grove, Coolialinga, Darwin River, Durack, Finniss Valley, Fly Creek, Freds Pass, Girraween, Gray, Herbert, Holtze, Howard Springs, Hughes, Humpty Doo, Johnston, Knuckey Lagoon, Lambells Lagoon, Livingstone, Lloyd Creek, McMinns Lagoon, Mitchell, Noonamah, Palmerston City, Rum jungle, Shoal Bay, Southport, Stapleton, Tumbling Waters, Virginia, Wagait Beach, Weddell, Winnellie

    We also offer a wide variety of other services, such as: mini excavator and digger, driveway construction, digger hire, site works, land clearing, pool excavation, bobcat slasher, excavator hire, bobcat hire, 6 wheeler tipper hire, earthworks and earthmoving contractors

    2-ton excavator for shallow trenches

    Small jobs, such as establishing a watering system for your yard, may need basic excavating tools, like the hoe, that can move the soil and create adequate area for the pipes needed. Nevertheless, the 2-ton excavator from Dobson Excavations will get the trenches dug much faster. It is suitable for making small trenches and excavating openings.

    Mini Excavators for excavating trenches in limited areas

    In locations where a trench needs to be dug, but there is an accessibility issue, we recommend our mini excavator. This excavator is handy for various jobs, regardless of the work site. If the space available is not adequate for an excavator to turn or move around, you need to consider our mini excavator trench digger hire Batchelor. Its size is simply under a meter, and it weighs 1.7 tons. It comes with a 790mm mini dump truck for loading the excavated material. The Mini excavator is also excellent for evaluating the location before we start excavating trenches.

    How to Choose the Right Trencher

    Several trenchers can be used for the same work, but when you look for trench digger hire Batchelor that is most appropriate for the task, we will let you know which excavator is the best choice for your job. We make this choice based upon several aspects;

    Have a checklist of what you require the trench digger to do

    If you do not know which trench digger to hire, start by having a checklist of the type of trench you plan to dig. What depth and size does it need to be? Is accuracy a problem? What is the ground problem? A list is the very best way to determine the best trench digger to use.

    What are you installing, and what is the size?

    The item that is entering into the trench can also help you determine the trencher to use. How large is it, and what is the suggested deepness of installation? If it is sensitive piping, you need to ensure it is positioned deep enough to avoid damages when pressure is exerted on the trench after it is covered. We will find out which trench digger has the trench specs and if there are versions with a variety of applications that will make digging much easier and faster.

    How is the slope and soil condition?

    Digging a trench on a level area is very different from digging a trench in an area with a high slope. When seeking trench digger hire Batchelor, it is best to take into consideration the soil condition and gradient to ensure that you can obtain a model with the appropriate applications to customize the method it digs depending on the modifications in soil conditions.

    Trench Digger Hire Cost Batchelor?

    The trench digger hire cost will depend on the length of time it takes for the task to be completed. Hiring an effective machine that digs rapidly will allow you to finish the task within the stipulated duration without incurring additional days of hire. A more powerful trench digger might cost more to hire each day, so it is best to identify if you need such a digger or if a less powerful one suffices for the work.

    Finding a balance between the very best kind of trench digger and the cost of hire is important. Will you make a saving if you hire a more powerful one for a shorter time, or is the cost greater if you selected a less powerful one for a lot longer? Consider all alternatives and make all the comparisons possible to help you decide the most effective trench digger to hire.

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    Dobson Excavations has the devices to handle trench digging for different jobs, including the installation of electrical lines, pipes, leach drains pipes, and far more. The equipment has to be adequate for the task. Or else, you might find you have the wrong equipment given that some are designed to dig shallow trenches, while others are best for deep trenches. The expected width of the trench is also crucial due to the fact that you don't want to remove more material than is needed.

    We have well-trained personnel with experience in trench digging. Not only do we ensure that we will supply the right equipment, but our personnel that recognizes the job, particularly those that need specific dimensions.

    Call us today at 0414 755 306 or email us at You also have the choice of filling our online form. We will send you a no-obligation quote once we have all the info we require pertaining to the job and the site.