Pool Removal or Installation Perth-Keysbrook-Harvey-Bunbury

Pool Removal or Installation Perth-Jarrahdale-Bedfordale-Armadale

Is the pool in your back yard not being used?

Kids moved out or no help to clean the Pool?

Decided you require more room and pool taking up the space?

We at Dobson Excavations will assist with your pool removal or fill in. There are 2 options to consider,

  1. Removal of a pool all together is where the fibre glass or concrete is broken up and trucked away, the pool is then filled in, once completed a certification certificate can be supplied if a building is to be built on the old pool site.

2. Fill in of a pool is where the fibre glass or concrete has holes hammering in the bottom of the pool for water to drain then filled with material, this is a less cost effective way but the only                    downside is your unable to build over it.

Pool Removal

Pool Removal

Pool Installation

Dobson Excavations can excavate your hole for any size pool, if Rock is a problem then we can hammer the rock out, our 6ton and 21 ton have rock hammer attachments.

Limestone Retaining wall required for the pool then Dobson Excavations can supply blocks, lay and construct your new wall.

Hammer Rock for Pool Installation

Hammer rock for Pool Installation


Site Works Preparation from Start to Finish from Perth Metro to Perth Rural

Site Works Preparation from Start to Finish from Perth Metro to Perth Rural

It can be a frustrating, starting off planning a new build and trying to find one business that can complete all your earthworks/excavations site works preparations from start to finish, At  Dobson Excavations we can complete all earthworks/excavations site works. Contact Bruce 0414755306 

Starting with clearing your block ready for the house pad site works, we then can complete the house pad from start to finish as we supply the sand, we lay and compact your pad, then we supply a certified certificate on completion by a qualified business. This  certificate is your guarantee that the pad has past all testing ready for your build. No builder can reject this certificate once supplied or advise they must complete the pad because of this, this is incorrect any earthmoving/excavation business can supply this certificate and it is there guarantee that the pad has past all penetrometer testing, this is all the builder carries out anyway, they hire the earthmover to construct the pad and then hire a business to complete the test on the pad. So why not go direct to the Earthmoving/Excavation Business, as this will save you money.

Other Site works Dobson Excavations can complete

Driveway Constructions all materials delivered.

Soak wells/ Septic Tanks/ Leach Drains Supplied and installed.

Shed/ Water Tank Pads sand supplied, laid and compacted.

Limestone retaining walls to either retain your house/shed pad, boundary etc, all blocks supplied, laid and constructed.

Pool Excavation

Trenches for Electricity/Telephone/Water

Site Works Preparation

Site Works Preparation

Mulch/Sand/Soil/Limestone/Gravel etc we deliver.

Dam or Pond Holes excavated.

Auger or Post holes.

Limestone Driveway for Trades to access site.



Driveway Planning and Construction South & North of Perth

Driveway Planning and Construction South & North of Perth

Driveway Gravel Compacted

Driveway Gravel Compacted

Considering or Planning a New Driveway?

Where will the Driveway be constructed on your Property, Decide if you require Parking, maybe a circular driveway leading to the house is required.

Borders for Driveways can also be constructed with either Timbers/Bricks or Concrete as a border is another option.


Landscaping or Garden Beds can be incorporated with your new Driveway.

Gardens or plants can line your Driveway.

If a circular driveway is constructed a garden could be placed in the middle of the turning circle.

Lighting or Solar Lamps can also be used to line the driveway if lighting is a problem at night.

Crushed Brick can be used to line the driveway for a feature.


Types of Materials

Red or Blue Gravel which come in different grades.



Recycled Bitumen or Spray on Bitumen


For advise on your Driveway speak with Bruce at Dobson Excavations on 0414755306 he can assist with suppling, laying, and compacting materials, Dobson Excavations can also prep your site for concrete, paving and bitumen spray on.…

What a Bobcat with Tracks is used for Perth-Mandurah-Pinjarra-Harvey-Bunbury

What a Bobcat with Tracks is used for Perth-Mandurah-Pinjarra-Harvey-Bunbury

Wanting to Hire a Bobcat for site works?

Operation of a Bobcat on site Constructions.

Wheeled Bobcats are very limited, they are used for rocky areas, Bobcat with Tracks does not fair well in rocks but basically that is the only terrain they can not work in. Tracked Bobcats are more versatile as they are used in Sandy/Muddy and Soil sites. They compact the ground more sufficiently than a Wheeled Bobcat. Their tracks glide through muddy site where Wheeled Bobcats slip and bog down, causing more mess and becoming stuck.

Tracked Bobcats can lay and compact sand pads quicker than Wheeled, Track Bobcats have smoother results, as the Tracks allow more moveability.

Tracked Bobcats can complete the following site works.

Sand Pads, Loading Trucks, Driveway Construction, Soil/Sand/Mulch, etc which they spread/Lay and move around sites, Level sites etc

To Hire a Tracked Bobcat contact Bruce on 0144 755306 at Dobson Excavations who are fully licenced and insured.




Why we use only quality materials on our driveways and some of our competitors do not Perth-Bedfordale-Roleystone

Why we use only quality materials on our driveways and some of our competitors do not Perth-Bedfordale-Roleystone

Constructing a new Driveway?

Wishing to use Gravel either in red or blue, or maybe Limestone is required for the new Driveway?

At Dobson Excavations we can supply, lay and compact the driveway, as we use only use quality grade materials. Only quality products will give your driveway a much better finish and last many years. You may think by saving a few dollars on lower grade materials will save money but in the long run, you will only have to either repair or replace your driveway in a short period of time.

There are a number of different grades of gravel and limestone, limestone is usually used to construct a driveway for building sites so trades can access the site, later on when building is completed then gravel can be laid over the top.

The key to a driveway lasting longer is the definitely the materials used, but it is must at the end of the job to compact the driveway. If it is not compacted then the gravel will move and not last long at all. If too much rain gets on the driveway if not compacted the materials will just wash away. The other important key is drainage of the driveway, either using roll overs to divert water or drains. It all depends on your block whether it is flat or sloping. But if you contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations he can assist in advice on these concerns.

So if you require your driveway to last for years to come with a Professional and Quality finish then contact Bruce on 0414 755306 for a free quote.

Red Gravel For Driveways

Red Gravel for Driveways

Limestone supplied by Dobson Excavations

Limestone Gravel supplied by Dobson Excavations

Rock walls and Riffle construction Perth North and South of the River

Rock walls and Riffle construction Perth North and South of the River

Riffles are constructed to :

Control stability and ecology of stream systems.

Provide livestock with watering or crossing points.

They contribute to channel stability which controls flow and reducing the downstream sediments movements into the river or creek.

Slow water flow speeds and depths which maintain river or creek pools that assist in breeding of fish and refuge.

Controlling severe bed erosion.

Rock Walls are constructed:

Rock walls are also used to retain garden beds and in landscaping.

Constructed on house sites to retain the house sand pads or shed pads.

So if you would like to Construct a Riffle or Rock Wall contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations on 0414755306

Used as a feature Walls.

Riffle Rock Construction

Riffle Rock Construction

Riffle and Rock Construction of Walls

Riffle and Rock Construction walls




Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction Perth to Bunbury

Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction Perth to Bunbury

Constructing a new Granny Flat and require a sand pad construction/leach drains and septic tank installations?

Have Council Approval?

Selected the Builder and have your Plans ready to go?

Then Contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations so we can supply you with a written quote for your Granny Flat site works. We supply the sand, lay, compact and supply certification certificate all ready to build on. Any septic tanks/leach drains/trenches we can also provide these services as well.

Septic tanks and leach drains we supply dig the hole and install, trenches for power or water we can dig them also. If a Limestone Retaining wall is required then Dobson Excavations can also build the wall. One stop earthmoving business that can supply all materials and complete the job from start to finish for your granny flat construction.

Contact Bruce 0414 755306 or dobson_excavations@live.com.

Granny Flat Construction

Granny Flat Construction

Perth Earthmoving & Excavation Contractor for site works

Perth Earthmoving & Excavation Contractor for site works.

Site works preparation, House Pads, Shed Pads, Water Tank Pads, Granny flat pads, Toilet Shelter pads, Trenches, Pier Holes Etc

Excavate, Supply and Install Septic systems and leach drains for site works.

Limestone construction of Retaining Walls for site works.

Hire of Truck and Dog, 21ton/6ton/2ton, Excavator, Wheeled and Tracked Bobcat, Roller, 6 Wheeler Tipper, Traxcavator (Drott), Mini Dump Truck,

Gravel/Road base/Limestone Driveways,

Dam Sinking, Pond Holes, Dam clean outs, Pool Excavation,

Car Parks constructions, Material Deliveries, Rubbish Removal.

As a Perth Earthmoving & Excavation contractor for site works Dobson Excavations can assist with your project from start to finish, as we have a number of machinery to handle jobs from tight access to larger land clearing or dams jobs and every job in between. Call Bruce on 0414755306.

Perth Earthmoving and Excavations Contractors

Perth Earthmoving and Excavation Contractors

Hire a Truck and Dog for site cleans Perth-Preston Beach-Lake Clifton-Mandurah

Hire a Truck and Dog for site cleans Perth-Preston Beach-Lake Clifton-Mandurah

Require a Site clean, Demolition material removal, soil or grass removal to clean up your site. At Dobson Excavations we can supply our Truck and Dog or 2 of our 6 wheeler tippers for your site clean, we can even hire our machines to load the Truck and Dog.

Truck and Dog hire is a quicker turnaround as they hold more materials,  Truck and Dog combined hold 22 cubic metres or a 6 wheeler hold 10 cubic metre loads.

If you are doing a  demolition before you start, contact your local council to check if approval or requirements are needed.

Hire a Licenced and insured contractor for the site clean up.

Check with the contractor where they are taking the materials as fines may apply, not only to you but to the contractor if it is not taken to the tip and they illegally tip the loads.

For Professional and Reliable service contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations on 0414 755306 who are family owned and operated, all machinery is insured and all drivers are fully licenced.





Septic Tank Systems Supplied and Install Perth-Harvey-Pinjarra-Dwellingup

Septic Tanks Systems Supplied and Install Perth-Harvey-Pinjarra-Dwellingup

Before installing a Septic Tank System council approval will be required next is selecting your Septic Tank System there is either concrete or plastic, but concrete is the best choice as it will last a lot longer and will not spilt or deter ate like plastic.

Septic Tank Systems consists of septic tanks which come in various sizes with cast in bottoms which means that you will not have to have the bottoms cemented in after they are installed. Difference with a cast in bottom is that they are installed and ready to go, but if you have to cement the bottoms, council will asked for them to be filled with water to see if they leek, where a cast in bottom does not have to this procedure. Septic Tanks can also have trafficable lids so cars can be driven over the area where the tanks are installed.

Septic Tanks Systems also include leach drain modular, which come in segments of 1.2m length which can be joined to any length required. Pumps can also be supplied with tanks if required.

Dobson Excavations can supply, install and connect your Septic Tank Systems, if a electrician is required then we can call on Dobson Electrical Contracting which can connect the pump.

As Dobson Excavations is a family owned and operated business we can complete the job from start to finish contact Bruce for a non obligation quote on 0414755306 or email us on dobson_excavations@live.com



Septic Tank Systems Supplied and Installed

Septic Tank Systems supplied by Dobson Excavations