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The ground in Northern Territory is very diverse. This can be specifically noticed during excavation projects where you will often hit rocks. Larger rocks can seriously undermine the timeline of any excavation project, making it important to find the right solution for this problem. Hiring the hammer attachment of Dobson Excavation is the answer to your situation. A hammer attachment is also suitable to break up large areas of concrete.

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    Finding rocks during the digging process is always a challenge that can occur when you least suits you. It can even damage equipment when it isn’t properly taken care off. With hammer hire Darwin by Dobson Excavation we offer the solution to this problem. With the rock solid hammer attachment, you don’t just break away rocks, you even do it very effectively. Hiring the hammer attachment is not just there to break up rocks though. It’s also a useful attachment if larger pieces of concrete have to be demolished into smaller pieces of concrete that can be then removed from the construction site.

    Regardless of where you are digging or whether you need to break rocks or concrete, at Dobson Excavation we can help you. Get in touch with us and describe the situation you are facing and our specialist team will guide you towards the right solution.

    At Dobson Excavation we have a versatile selection of Excavator with hammer attachments. The smallest version is the 2 ton excavator with hammer which is particularly useful for tight areas. Either a small area where the hammer has to be used, but more often the 2 ton excavator is used for areas with tight areas. For example entering gardens with only limited width side access.

    The medium sized excavator with hammer is the 8 ton excavator. This is a serious increase in size compared to the 2 ton excavator. This excavator and hammer combination can is very useful for situation such as breaking up or placing holes in concrete or fibre glass pools, to solve issues when digging trenches, hammer concrete slabs and paths. But it can also demolish structures such as septic systems and leach drains. The 8 ton excavator with hammer attachment is truly a versatile piece of equipment that has been a lifesaver in many excavation and demolition projects.

    Last but not least is the biggest excavator available in our range, the 21 ton excavator with hammer. This is used in the larger jobs, such as breaking down large concrete areas or if different types of harder rock are found on site. When constructing a dam or hammering into a wall the 21 excavator can be a useful solution as well.

    Our range of 3 different size excavators make sure that there is always an excavator ready for your situation. Get in touch today!