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If you are looking for a roller for your project, Dobson Excavations is the right partner for you. We have worked on hundreds of projects where rollers were flattening and compacting land. Whether you need it for a driveway, commercial situations or another project – at Dobson Excavations we can help you.

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    Rollers are the main equipment to flatten en compact large section of land. Especially when road or driveway is build. The vibrating drum rollers are the main equipment to get prepare the land for paving or other foundational work. But it’s not just the preparation for a driveway for example. After the site is prepared Dobson Excavation can lay the material such as limestone or gravel and Dobson than uses the roller with vibrating drum to compact and flatten the material.

    The end result is that you have a solid and compacted driveway that you can enjoy for many years. Dobson Excavations is a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years’ experience in Perth. We are competitively priced and all our equipment is of high quality and well maintained. Our drivers are fully licensed and insured. Due to the wide range of services Dobson Excavations is truly the one-stop shop.