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Dobson Excavations is an expert in Footings, Pier holes and Auger holes. If you are digging trenches, require footings to be built or would like to have pier holes / auger holes augured, we can help. Dobson Excavations has different attachments ranging from 200mm to 950mm. Contact us today and speak to our friendly staff. We are fully licensed and insured and our equipment is of high quality and well maintained, making sure the job gets done in time and according to your specifications.

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    When you are looking to establish piers or columns for your construction process, Dobson Excavations can help drilling the pier holes. With a wide variety of attachments making holes ranging from 200mm to 900mm. The pier holes are augured with the auger attachment.

    This attachment is very versatile as we also use it to dig post holes for fencing. So if you are looking to build or replace fences and you need post holes for it, please contact us today.

    Last but not least Dobson Excavations also offers footings. Footings are the first part of the house that is built. Properly set footings, stop the house from shifting position, so they are crucial in the home construction process.