Excavating Rock with a Rock Hammer Perth-Boddington- Dwellingup-Dardanup

Excavating Rock with a Rock Hammer Perth-Boddington-Dwellingup-Dardanup

Dobson Excavations Excavating Rock with Rock Hammer

Rock Hammer with 6 ton Excavator

Rock Hammering On Construction sites and Building sites may be required if the ground contains Granit, Coffee rock etc.

Under the ground is unseen and no one can predict what they will uncover until excavating begins, examples which require Rock hammering is required

Septic Tanks     Leach Drains      Soak Wells       Trenches       Swimming Pools       Dams        House and Shed Pad construction    Limestone Wall construction    etc

21 TON EXCAVATOR WITH ROCK HAMMERAt Dobson Excavations we can assist with your Rock Hammering requirement, we have a Rock Hammer for our 6 ton and 21 Ton Excavator. Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a free quote, or email at dobson_excavations@live.com

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