Firebreaks in all areas Perth-Metro and Rural

Firebreaks in all areas Perth-Metro and Rural

Fire season is upon us again, notices are being mailed out from councils.

Your Legal requirements if you live on 1 acre or less for firebreaks, Cut all grass which has to be less than 25mm in height and maintained until 31st May, 2021. Trim all overhanging trees and bushes which hang over driveways, access ways and firebreaks to leave a 4 metre width clearance and a clear vertical axis. Or Install firebreaks that are inside all external boundaries, Install fire breaks surrounding all agricultural buildings, sheds etc. A minimum of 3 metres width no wider then 5 metres.

If you live on more than 1 acre for firebreaks

Keep grasses below 150mm or if used for grazing ensure rotation of grazed and un-grazed areas. Trim all trees and bushes which are over hanging driveways/access ways and firebreaks, and leave a 4 metre width clearance. Install firebreaks inside all external boundaries, and surrounding sheds etc with a minimum 3 metre width.

For dwellings Maintain 20 metres asset protection zones or as per your approved BAL/FMP assessment. Trim back all tress overhanging buildings.

Contact your local council for advise on firebreaks as some councils have different rules, the above is from Serpentine Council, or read your brochure you council supplies.

We at Dobson Excavations can assist with your firebreaks or fire prevention, with either our Brush cutter slasher, which can cut down to ground level small trees/bushes/scrubs/weeds etc, it can also trim trees that are over hanging driveways access way and firebreaks, plus it slashes grass. Check out our link for a demonstration or call Bruce on 0414755306.

Brush Cutter Slasher for Firebreaks

Brush cutter slasher for firebreaks


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