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A retaining wall is often a necessity if you have a home or business that requires retaining, Rather than having to deal with an uneven ground, you can have it shaped and molded to be a flat area that is far more appealing than a sloped and angled yard. This is where a retaining wall comes into the picture. It also helps against eroding.

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    A retaining wall helps to manage water runoff. While torrential rains are not the norm here, they do happen, and when they do managing the water and controlling it is essential. A retaining wall can help to direct the flow of water away from structures to prevent it from causing damage. Retaining walls are an important feature for water control, and when combined with natural slopes and runoffs they can help to direct water where it is needed instead of where it can cause damage.

    Retaining walls is also an excellent way to help prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion happens when water hits the ground and displaces soil. The main way to prevent soil erosion is by having vegetation to prevent rain from hitting bare earth. But, even with vegetation when there is enough water flowing, it can still displace soil. A retaining wall is a physical barrier that will help to maintain the shape of landscape features and prevent soil from being swept away.

    Is a retaining wall an additional expense that you’ll have to pay for? It is, and depending on the design, size, and materials used, it can be a significant expense. But there are some cases where a retaining wall isn’t a mere luxury, it’s a necessity. If you have a sloped lawn that is elevated, you’ll need a retaining wall. Even in instances where one isn’t necessary, there are times when it’s worth the investment. Soil erosion is a serious problem, and it can have major repercussions. Ask yourself, would you rather invest in a retaining wall up front and avoid a lot of headaches? Or would you rather have to deal with soil erosion, deal with possible structural damage because of that erosion, then must pay for repairs and landscaping? When you look at it that way, having a retaining wall put in is a simple choice.

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