The Brush cutter – A versatile piece of equipment

The brush cutter overcomes various problems making it a fantastic piece of equipment for any landscaping company.  First, what is a brush cutter? A brush cutter is a heavy-duty piece of Earthmoving equipment designed for clearing areas that are overgrown with grass and other types of vegetation.  Unlike a lawnmower, a brush cutter can easily cut through tall grass, small bushes and even small trees, giving a landscaper the ability to quickly clear an area of unwanted vegetation.  If you have an acreage property that has been neglected, a paddock that needs to be cleared, or you need to cut a path through an area with a lot of plant life, then a brush cutter is the ideal tool for the job.

Time is money, most people have heard that phrase, and that’s true with landscaping and excavation work.  Our people, as great as they are, don’t work for free.  That’s why employing the right tool for the right situation is so important.  A brush cutter lets one person do what would normally take a team of several people much more time to complete.  Using a brush cutter lets us get an area cleared quickly, allowing us to keep a project moving along on the planned timeframe.

bobcat brushcutter Perth WA

Brush cutters are very powerful attachments designed to cut through thick brush and vegetation.  They take a lot of abuse and are built with that in mind.  They also require a lot of power to do what they do, and they use a heavy, high-speed blade for cutting through thick underbrush.  What does all this mean? It means that like any other powerful machine, it takes someone with the proper training to operate it safely.  This makes it perfect to make your property firebreak complaint.

If a brush cutter’s blade strikes a branch or tree at the wrong angle it may not be able to cut through it.  All the energy that is being used to cut through something must go somewhere, and that’s usually right back into the handle.  This can be very jarring for anyone not used to operating a brush cutter, which may cause them to lose control over the machine.  Our professionals know what to expect if this happens, and more importantly, they know how to avoid it.  They understand how to operate a brush cutter while avoiding hitting things with the wrong part of the blade.

Brush cutters are powerful machines, but they still require a human component, and they can be very tiring to use, especially if you have a large area to clear.  Accidents and fatigue often go hand in hand, which is why we have our operators work as a team.  By switching off periodically and taking breaks they can keep the process moving along while avoiding fatigue, which reduces the risk of an accident.

We also take excellent care of our brush cutters, just like we do with the rest of our equipment.  Each time, before being used, we thoroughly inspect our brush cutters looking for signs of damage.  We check the blade, sharpen it if it is needed, and if the blade is damaged, we replace it.  By keeping our equipment in top condition, we ensure that it works efficiently, while also reducing the risk of an accident. We service clients with a Brush Cutter in Perth greater metro area.

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