When To Use a Mini Bobcat Instead Of a Normal Sized Bobcat?

A bobcat is among the most commonly used types of equipment today for many landscaping or construction projects. With different sizes and attachments, a bobcat can be used for multiple purposes and perform various tasks.
A mini Bobcat is the smallest Bobcat in the market, with a horsepower below 50. Because of the mini Bobcat’s size and ability, it is commonly used for landscaping, site development, and any residential exterior projects such as digging, trenching, trenching, and many more. It is also the most preferred Bobcat for interior projects since it can navigate in compact spaces where other types of equipment cannot.

People are always enticed to buy the mini Bobcat because of its flexibility. If you don’t need a Bobcat frequently it is always convenient to rent it rather than buying it. It is very economical to hire a (mini) Bobcat; it doesn’t require a big investment and you don’t need to worry about upkeep or storage. At Dobson Excavations we offer both Bobcats and Mini Bobcats with different attachments for hire, both with and without operator.

The Advantages of a Mini Bobcat

  1. It is quicker than manual work
  2. It can operate in a hard to access areas
  3. It is easy to clean because of the raised cutouts between the rollers
  4. It can perform the result of a big machine but in a small package
  5. It has a fast cycle time, strong breakout forces, and a very good ability to push
  6. It can easily be connected to attachments and has interchangeable tracks
  7. It is very comfortable to work with
  8. It is easy to load and transport
  9. It has a high flotation track for minimum ground disturbance
  10. It is very affordable to hire
  11. It does a more accurate work

The Limitation of a Mini Bobcat

  1. It’s small, so for large jobs it might fall short compared to a large excavator.
  2. It can manoeuvre less efficient in rough terrain as the length of the tracks is small
  3. It is not the most efficient in fixed point work
  4. It cannot be used in mines and very muddy terrains
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