Advantages of Bobcat Wet Hire Over Dry Hire

When hiring machinery for excavation and construction projects, you’ll likely encounter the terms “wet hire” and “dry hire”. If you’re not familiar with these terms or it’s your first time renting equipment, you can easily confuse one with the other.

So, what is wet hire and dry hire, and what are the advantages of these two equipment rental options?

Bobcat Wet Hire versus Bobcat Dry Hire: What’s the Difference?

Bobcat wet hire is when you hire a bobcat machine with a qualified operator. Meanwhile, a bobcat dry hire is renting the equipment alone. Dry hire is also called self-drive hire, meaning you can choose to operate the machine yourself.

However, keep in mind that certain machinery and equipment may require a certification, license, or specific qualifications for a person to operate them. If you don’t meet such requirements, you need to look for a qualified bobcat operator, like skilled bobcat operators from Dobson Excavations, to run the machine or equipment. Besides that there are different sizes as well, from large to regular and even mini bobcats.

Advantages of Bobcat Wet Hire

Below are the benefits of a bobcat wet hire:

 Experienced operator

Operating heavy equipment requires skill and technical knowledge that only highly trained and experienced operators have. If you choose the wet hire option, you can rest assured that the machine is handled properly to avoid any damage.

Fast and Quality Work

Because a bobcat wet hire includes the service of a skilled operator, you don’t have to worry about training them on how to use the equipment. Skilled bobcat operators will immediately start working on your project. They not only work fast, but experienced operators also make sure that they deliver high-quality work.

Increased Safety

With the wet hire option, you have better peace of mind because you get a machine and an operator who is an expert at operating it. Seasoned bobcat operators have spent many years operating the equipment and have worked on numerous different projects, so the likelihood of mistakes or accidents occurring is slim to none.

Advantages of Bobcat Dry Hire

Selecting the bobcat dry hire seems like an interesting option for those who want to stay budget-friendly. Because you do pay for the operator. However because the operator has a lot of experience, he can do the job much more efficient, saving you cost on the time it takes for the project.

Looking for a Bobcat Hire for Your Earthmoving Project?

At Dobson Excavations, we offer bobcat wet hire rentals. You can trust us to provide high-quality equipment and licensed and insured operators for your excavation or earthmoving projects. Contact us here for a quote or to know more about our services.

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