Septic Tank and Leach Drain Installations South and North of Perth

Septic Tank and Leach Drain Installations South and North Of Perth

Septic Tank Systems are also referred to as wastewater, safe disposal of sewage and effluent. Septic Tank Systems either consist of 1 or 2 concrete cyclinders tanks and 1 or 2 sets of leach Drains.

When installing septic tank systems ensure minimum clearance distance from, the highest groundwater level, water supplies such as bores, creeks, dams etc, buildings and boundaries and subsoil and open drainage channels. Vehicles can not drive over them, the weight of the vehicle would damage the system which would reduce the ability to absorb effluent.

An application for approval from Council for installation of a Septic Tanks Systems is required. Maintain of the Septic Tank Systems is required if too much sludge and scum accumulates in the Tanks and then solids, grease and oil will not seperate and will pass out into the Leach drains which will clog the soil surrounding the drainage leach drains, to avoid this, the Septic tanks will need pumping out regularly. A licensed liquid waste contractor should be engaged to complete this job.

For a guide before cleaning it out, every eight years for a 2 person household, every four years for a 4 person household, and more often with greater numbers.

Problems with your systems is sewage begins to back up into household pipes. The ground becomes soggy around the leach drains and it smells.

There are a number of Septic Tanks Systems, but it you want your system to last many years, without issues then Concrete Septic Tanks and Leach drains are the best way to go. They might be a bit more expensive, but they will last longer then the plastic systems which can spilt and decay underground. where concrete ones will not. Spend a little more, than you will not have to waste more money later on.

If you require a new concrete Septic Tank System Supplied and Installed then Please Call Bruce on 0414755306 for a quote.





Soakwell Installation Supplied and Installed South and North of Perth

Soak wells Supplied and Installed South and North Of Perth.

Soak wells are installed underground allowing water to seep away for drainage, to prevent damage on your property from heavy rains or excess water run offs, which can cause foundation damage and moisture problems this is why a Soak well is needed. Soak wells are connected to downpipes from dwellings or buildings.

Typically soakwells are made of concrete , polypropylene, PVC or plastic are in a variety of sizes. Concrete Soak wells have different grade lids to withstand pressure from above, etc cars driving over them, Concrete Soakwells have been used for decades as they are very strong and difficult to damage.

At Dobson Excavations we can supply and install your Soak well from start to finish, whether in sand/clay or rock areas, where rock hammering is required, this is no problem, as we can assist you with this also. With many years experience in, installing soakwells please Contact Bruce today 0414755306  for a quote on suppling and installing your Soak well.

Rock Hammering for Pool Hole Excavations Jarrahdale/Roleystone/Bedfordale

Rock Hammering for Pool Holes Excavations Jarrahdale/Roleystone/Bedfordale

Dobson Excavations can assist you with your  Pool hole excavation, we also specialize in rock hammering if your site requires this.

Our Business can also offer you the Limestone Retaining walls which can be constructed around you pool.

We can Excavate your Pool hole, supply and install the sand needed for the bottom of the pool, plus after it is all installed we can back fill your Pool.

One stop Family owned and operated Excavation and Construction business for all your earth moving needs.…

Require a Demolition of a building site dismantled and removed South & North Of Perth

Demolition of Building Sites dismantled and removed South & North of Perth

Require demolition material removal, then Dobson Excavations can assist you on your next site removal.

They are Family Owned and Operated, all Drivers are fully licenced and insured.

For this Demolition Job in Byford we used our Truck and Dog Hire for quicker turn arounds, by using this combo we are able to load in more Demoltion Material to save time and money, using the 21 ton Excavator, loading the Truck and Dog was much quicker and easier than using a smaller excavator as the 21 ton Excavator has a larger bucket to load more material

Next time you require a 21 ton Excavator or Truck and Dog Hire contact Bruce on 0414755306 to help you save time and money.…

Limestone Retaining Wall Construction Mandurah-Bunbury-Pinjarra-Yarloop-Australind

Limestone Retaining Wall Construction Mandurah-Bunbury-Pinjarra-Yarloop-Australind

Dobson Excavations specialise in all aspects of Limestone Retaining Wall constructions.

Pool Excavations with Limestone Retaining walls surrounding the pools to finish the look of the pool and contain the sand for paving or concreting.

House Pads with Limestone Retaining Walls for Sloping block site to flat sites.

Limestone Retaining Walls for under neath pole houses to contain water and dirt run offs where tight access is a problem, our smaller machine fleet can handle these jobs.

Construction of Limestone Retaining Walls for Fences on boundaries to place fences on.

Limestone blocks come in a range of sizes and materials from Reconstituted Limestone Blocks in Metre blocks and small blocks, Natural Limestone Blocks in metre sizes, Electric Sawn Blocks and Diamond Cut blocks ranging in a number of sizes. We can supply and lay your blocks with all earthworks included as well.


Perth Earthworks and House Pad Preparation

Dobson Excavations Earthworks and House Pad Preparation

This is one of the recent jobs completed by us.  It’s an important one to note because of the compaction required.  The house pad sand level is 750mm.  Dobson Excavations supplied, laid  and compacted the sand.  A compaction certificate was supplied to the Builder and customer.

As a one-stop earthworks and excavation contractor in Perth, we can supply/ lay/compact and be less expensive than most building companies, who hire other earthmoving companies and then puts his percentage on top.

Plus we have been told by the certified company who has completed the testing for more than 12 years on our pads, compaction is above most of the other companies with higher blow testing rates, which most companies cannot achieve this because they’re pressured to complete there jobs in a time frame by the builders.

Would you trust the stability of your house pad on a ‘rushed job”?  We wouldn’t either.  If quality work is what you’re looking for, call us a for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.…

Driveway Construction South or North of Perth

Driveway Constructions can add value to your property and give a great look.

Dobson Excavations has completed many Gravel Driveways over there many years of experience, we supply materials lay and compact your driveway, with a number of materials to choose from.

Red Gravel & Blue Gravel in a number of grade sizes, we can also supply Limestone Driveways for temporay access for Trucks on building sites, Recycled bitumen is another option. We can also prepare your driveway ready for Concrete or Limestone Liquid.

As we have a number of machines available we can construct your driveway from start to finish.

This is a recent Blue Gravel Driveway we have completed in South of Perth, any length or size Dobson Excavationscan construct your new Driveway, our Bobcat is laying the materials, once finished a Vibrating Roller will compact thedriveway for a smooth finish.

Dobson Excavations Driveway Construction Services

Gravel Driveway construction using a Bobcat

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire North & South of Perth

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire North & South of Perth

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog hire can carry more materials, around 22 ton compared to a 6 wheeler at around 12 ton.

At  Dobson Excavations we can cater for your all your Earthmoving or Excavations requirements, with our 6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire to either remove your rubbish/sand/soil etc  or delivery of all your material requirements.

Demolish materials can also be removed a lot quicker with a 6 Wheeler Truck and Dog Hire. 

6 Wheeler Truck and Dog hire, have more moveability than a semi, so the load can be separated if required, so the dog trailer can unload in one area and the remaining truck load can be unloaded in another area if required. Or if 2 different materials are required than we can load for example sand in the Truck and gravel in the dog trailer, where a semi can not do this.


Give Bruce a call for a non-obiligation chat about your job requirements. 0414 755306…


Dam Construction and Clean outs South & North Of Perth

If you require a new Dam Construction or your Dam Cleaned out, then contact  Dobson Excavations for a non obligation quote to start your project, we can construct a whole new Dam from start to finish from any size, whether its small to large sizes, we use our number of machines from a  5.5 ton Excavator to  a 21 ton Excavator, our 13 TonTraxcavator is used with the 21 Ton Excavator for larger Dams for compacting the Dam.

Cleaning out Dams, clean dams provide a Healthy enviroment for cattle/stock,  depending on the size of the damrequired, we can use the 5.5 Ton Excavator or the 21 ton Excavator for built up silt and allow cattle much easier access, for pond clean outs we can use our 2 ton Excavator.

With many of years experience constructing and cleaning out Dams, then you can not go pass Dobson Excavationsfor a professional and Reliable service.


Contact Bruce on 0414 755306

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