How are Excavators Used in Landscaping Projects?

Do you plan on giving your front yard a makeover by installing a fountain at the centre? Or maybe your backyard has enough room for a swimming pool?

If you’re thinking about enhancing the look of your outdoor space, expect that it will involve some earthmoving activities. In such cases, you’ll need to hire excavation equipment to make the job easier.

Uses of Excavators in Landscaping Projects

Excavators are a versatile piece of earthmoving equipment. They are not only ideal for large-scale construction projects or in mining operations. Compact excavators can be useful in landscaping projects, whether in residential or commercial properties. The following are the common uses of excavators in landscape construction.

Excavation works

Mini excavators are a suitable alternative to standard excavators if you’re planning to dig a hole in a small lot for the installation or repair utility lines. They can fit and manoeuvre easily through narrow spaces without creating too much noise or applying too much pressure on the ground.

Demolition of old structures

If you have an old shed that you no longer use and you plan to tear it down to widen your backyard space, an excavator is a go-to machinery. Excavators can demolish small structures like a shed and it won’t cause any disturbance or damage to nearby structures or vegetation. Even mini excavators are strong enough to tear down concrete walls and pathways.

Swimming pool installation

Excavation works for the installation of a swimming pool.Swimming pool under construction.

Having an outdoor spa right in your backyard is possible with an excavator. Renting an excavator makes digging a hool, whether it is swimming pool excavation, hot tub, or pond, safer and quicker than going the DIY route.

Levelling soil

If an uneven landscape is holding you back from turning your backyard into a flower or vegetable garden, hiring a mini excavator can flatten the soil and make it more suitable for gardening. Excavators can be fitted with a plate compactor for faster and more even compaction.

Land clearing

Excavators prepare your lot for landscape improvements by removing unwanted debris and transporting them to a designated area. They can also move large stones and dig up trees whilst keeping the root system intact. If you want to remove materials from hard-to-reach areas, you can rent an excavator with an extendible arm to do the job. Excavators can also mow and clear excess grass.

Fence installation

Fence installation projects not only increase curb appeal but protect your property from pests whilst giving you an increased sense of security and privacy. You can hire an excavator to dig out trenches for your fence installation. An auger attachment will ensure that the excavator digs at the right depth. Meanwhile, a blade attachment will cut posts to the same size.

Landscape grading

Smooth slopes can help add shape to your landscape, making it more visually attractive. Excavators not only flatten the ground, but they can also create the desired angle and slope.

Paths and driveway construction

Excavators can help achieve the desired shape for walkways and driveways. For spaces where bike riding is encouraged, an excavator can create biking or walking trails. Excavators can clear the area and then grade and contour it to create interesting pathways. They can also create paths leading to slopes or hilly terrain.

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