Limited Access Excavations From Perth to Busselton

Limited Access Excavations From Perth To Busselton 

At Dobson Excavations we offer mini excavator and mini dump truck service for Limited Access/Tight Access and confined spaces.

We can access just about any site, as sites are becoming more difficult to access due to developers cutting down block sizes.

Also residence are sub diving their blocks making the sites harder to access for builders and trades.

Many sites are now very narrow to access at Dobson Excavations our mini dump truck and mini excavator can handle the limited access with ease.

With our mini Excavator Limited access includes:                                               .Removal of Canopy on Excavator to access through garages and carports.     .Gates larger than 1100mm as the machine is 980mm in width so we can have some clearance on each side, the excavator is 1.8 in height without the canopy.

Our mini Dump Truck Limited access includes:                                                    .Access through gates larger than 820mm as it is 790mm in width it is not as wide as the excavator, so this machine can access just about any Limited Access space.  Plus it does not have a height issue as it is 1313mm in height.

With both these machines combined, the excavator can dig your site either for trenches, pool excavations, lawn or sand removal etc while the dump truck remove the materials or brings in the material through your limited access.

Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a free quote or site visit, or email Corinne at


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