Top ways to improve a driveway with potholes

Whether your driveway is made of gravel, limestone, asphalt, or concrete, potholes are likely to be a nuisance. Since potholes will not fix themselves, you will need to find a way around them or risk damaging your car. Don’t wait a long time before setting this issue. The longer you wait, the worse the situation may become.

This is the job for wet hire companies, including a reputable one from Perth, Dobson Excavations. You can rest their equipment and staff to improve your driveway with potholes by doing the following:

The preparation phase

Since gravel and dirt potholes result from trapped water beneath the surface, you should work on improving the underground drainage quality to avoid future recurrence.

At Dobson Excavations we will rip the surface, scarify and roll the surface, if more product is required then they will lay more material over the areas.

Gravel and Limestone driveway pothole filling

All areas of where the potholes are would be ripped, the area scarifies with a bobcat, if gravel or limestone is required then this would be laid over the areas and a vibrating drum roller would complete the job to smooth out the area.

Asphalt and concrete driveway pothole filling

For potholes in Asphalt and concrete driveways, would be done completely different to Gravel or Limestone. With Asphalt you can use an asphalt filler, clean the area of all debris and dirt if the area in the pothole is dry soil you may want to dampen the area. Then fill in the potholes with either crushed limestone/rock or concrete to about 2 inches below the pothole, then fill with asphalt filler. Compact with small areas with a plate compactor, and then let the sun dry it, if rain is expected you will need to cover the area.

As for concrete, you will still need to remove any debris and dirt from the pothole. You will need a concrete mix to fill in the hole, you can buy ready made products where you just add water and mix. You fill the hole level with the concrete driveway, scrap off any excess concrete and allow to dry.

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