Bobcat Hire for site cleaning Armadale-Bedfordale-Cardup

Bobcat Hire for site cleaning Armadale-Bedfordale-Cardup

Site cleaning for bobcat hire

Rubbish removal,                                                                                                   Lawn removal front and back yards,                                                                   Moving and disposing overburden for site preparation,                               Excess sand from new building site,                                                                Builders rubble needs removing,                                                                                Shed Sand Pad required,

Bobcat-Hire-South-North-of-the River

Bobcat Hire South and North of the River

As our Bobcats are on tracks they are much more efficient, quicker and can be used in wetter sites, as they do not bogged down like wheel bobcats. They glide over the ground and can leave sites a lot more compacted than wheeled ones.

Combined with our Truck and Dog hire we can also take the materials away, if tight access or limited access is a problem with can use our mini excavator and mini dump truck.

We have 2 different Bobcat Hire Machines available, our standard TR270 and our bigger Bobcat Hire for larger jobs our TR320.

Our TR270 is 1998mm in Height, 1676mm in width.                                           Our TR320 is 2043mm in Height, 1930mm in width.

Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a free Bobcat Hire quote.

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