Can you operate a bobcat without experience?

Can you operate a bobcat without experience?

Are you wondering if you can operate a bobcat even if you don’t have any experience? The quick answer is yes. You can definitely operate it without any experience. However, these are the reasons why you shouldn’t:

Damage to properties

Bobcat machines, also known as skid steer loaders, are commonly used for excavation, demolition, and debris removal. All of these tasks require a precision operation to ensure safety and efficiency. However, a person with a lack of experience is bound to make mistakes. In these cases, the mistakes can cause serious damage to property.

For example, the inexperienced operator might be able to control the machine into the right dig site, causing damage to the concrete or land. They might also steer the machine incorrectly or damage the fence.

All in all, operating a bobcat is not as simple as driving a car. It requires precision which is only possible with the right skills and experience.


People with no experience in operating a bobcat might cause it to overturn, injuring themselves as a result. Worse, they could run over other people causing death or injury due to having no experience.

Another reason why you should not attempt operating a bobcat when you have no experience is that you might cause an accident. There are tons of things that might go wrong, like not manoeuvring the attachments properly or not being able to drive the vehicle safely.

The solution

If you think that operating a bobcat on your own is risky due to your lack of experience, then what are your alternatives? Well, the best solution is for you to get in touch with a wet hire company such as Dobson Excavation.

A wet hire company is a service provider that allows you to hire heavy equipment along with a qualified operator. Here are the top benefits of hiring a wet hire company instead of operating a bobcat on your own without experience:

Experience bobcat operator

The main benefit of a wet hire company is that they will connect you with a qualified operator for the machine that you will be renting. These operators are trained and have years of experience operating various construction types of machinery under their belt. From large excavators to mini bobcats and mini excavators.

Safety and efficiency

If you don’t have experience in operating a bobcat, chances are you will spend a significant amount of time figuring out how to make it work. If you are renting the machine, that amount of time you are learning how to operate it is not only consuming your time but is also literally causing you money every minute. On the contrary, if you opt for a wet hire company, the machine, and the operator can go straight to work to speed up your tasks.

At the same time, since the operators are trained and experienced with the machine, there are fewer chances of them getting into an accident, making your work environment safer. The precision they also offer prevents potential damage to nearby property and the machine itself.


In case something goes wrong, which rarely happens in our case, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are an insured service provider. This means that you don’t have to suffer from financial problems caused by bobcat machine damages.

Bottom line

Operating a bobcat without any experience is one of those things that you can do but shouldn’t. Your lack of experience puts you at risk of causing damage or accidents. Instead of saving money which is initially what you wanted by going the DIY route, you’ll probably spend more instead, so it’s definitely much better to rent the machine and hire an operator as well. Get in touch with us today for experience and insured operators and specialised equipment to do the job.

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