Auger holes: What are they and why do you need them?

If you have an upcoming project, you may have already come across an Auger machine. But what exactly is it, and do you need it for your project?

What are auger holes?

An Auger hole is a hole drilled by a rotating column or metal shaft with blades that circles the edge. It is commonly used for drilling holes and works by rotating into whatever material you want to drill a hole into. Its outer edge blades can cut through tough materials and pull them up so that the hole is clear and empty.

The main components of an Auger hole equipment are:

  • Tang: This refers to the topmost part of the Auger that attaches to the machine that powers it.
  • Shank: This is the part in between the blades and tang.
  • Twist: This part of the Auger refers to the series of twisting blades that cut and pull up the material you are drilling a hole into.
  • Spur: This is located at the bottom of the Auger holes.
  • Cutting Tip: This part is most commonly found on smaller Augers holes.
  • Feed Screw: Same with the spur and cutting tip; this is located at the bottom of the Auger hole and is more common on smaller Auger holes.

Auger holes are commonly used for the following projects:

  • Planting trees
  • Building foundations
  • Installing telephone Poles
  • Fence Posts
  • Test Holes

It is also commonly used for projects that require bigger holes to be excavated. However, take note that the drilling power of the Auger hole is not its blade but rather on the machine which powers it. So, you can consider it more of an attachment than a stand-alone machine. The more powerful the machine is, the less effort for the Auger hole to pull up the soil.

Benefits of auger holes

The Auger hole is not just a fancy attachment because it does come with plenty of benefits. These include the following:


Manually drilling holes can be time-consuming and punishment for your whole body. It can also take days to dig the depth and width you desire. But, Auger holes allow you to get a deep hole in a matter of just a few minutes.

In addition, other drilling machines require you to get your hands dirty because you have to remove the dirt inside the hole manually. Again, this can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But, with an Auger hole, the dirt is pulled up, allowing you to get a clear hole.

Quiet operation

The problem with other drilling machines is that they can be quite noisy. As a result, your construction project can inconvenience neighbors and other nearby establishments because of the noise pollution that it creates. Compared to other drills, an Auger hole is relatively quieter because it does not use a pounding action to drill holes.


Auger holes can be economical because they cut back working hours, allowing you to keep deadlines. Aside from that, less manpower is required, so you don’t have to worry about paying workers extra just to finish excavating a hole.

Final words

The concept of Auger holes is quite simple. However, operating it is a whole different story. It’s not recommended for you to go the DIY route, especially when you have little to no experience, because you might end up with costly damages or, worse, cause injury to yourself and those around you. So get in touch with us today to hire our experienced operators with their specialized equipment.

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