Driveway Planning and Construction South & North of Perth

Driveway Planning and Construction South & North of Perth

Dobson Excavations Driveway Planning and Construction - Driveway Gravel Compacted

Driveway Gravel Compacted

Considering or Planning a New Driveway?

Where will the Driveway be constructed on your Property, Decide if you require Parking, maybe a circular driveway leading to the house is required.

Borders for Driveways can also be constructed with either Timbers/Bricks or Concrete as a border is another option.

Landscaping or Garden Beds can be incorporated with your new Driveway.

Gardens or plants can line your Driveway.

If a circular driveway is constructed a garden could be placed in the middle of the turning circle.

Lighting or Solar Lamps can also be used to line the driveway if lighting is a problem at night.

Crushed Brick can be used to line the driveway for a feature.

Types of Materials

Red or Blue Gravel which come in different grades.



Recycled Bitumen or Spray on Bitumen


For advise on your Driveway speak with Bruce at Dobson Excavations on 0414755306 he can assist with suppling, laying, and compacting materials, Dobson Excavations can also prep your site for concrete, paving and bitumen spray on.

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