Site Works Preparation from Start to Finish from Perth Metro to Perth Rural

Site Works Preparation from Start to Finish from Perth Metro to Perth Rural

It can be a frustrating, starting off planning a new build and trying to find one business that can complete all your earthworks/excavations site works preparations from start to finish, At  Dobson Excavations we can complete all earthworks/excavations site works. Contact Bruce 0414755306 

Starting with clearing your block ready for the house pad site works, we then can complete the house pad from start to finish as we supply the sand, we lay and compact your pad, then we supply a certified certificate on completion by a qualified business. This  certificate is your guarantee that the pad has past all testing ready for your build. No builder can reject this certificate once supplied or advise they must complete the pad because of this, this is incorrect any earthmoving/excavation business can supply this certificate and it is there guarantee that the pad has past all penetrometer testing, this is all the builder carries out anyway, they hire the earthmover to construct the pad and then hire a business to complete the test on the pad. So why not go direct to the Earthmoving/Excavation Business, as this will save you money.

Other Site works Dobson Excavations can complete

Driveway Constructions all materials delivered.

Soak wells/ Septic Tanks/ Leach Drains Supplied and installed.

Shed/ Water Tank Pads sand supplied, laid and compacted.

Limestone retaining walls to either retain your house/shed pad, boundary etc, all blocks supplied, laid and constructed.

Pool Excavation

Trenches for Electricity/Telephone/Water

Dobson Excavations Construction and Services - Siteworks Preparation

Site Works Preparation

Mulch/Sand/Soil/Limestone/Gravel etc we deliver.

Dam or Pond Holes excavated.

Auger or Post holes.

Limestone Driveway for Trades to access site.

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