Everything you need to know about Augers

An earthmoving auger attachment is a very specialized piece of equipment that is only ever used for one purpose, drilling holes.  Most other pieces of equipment that we own can be used for multiple purposes, making them efficient.  But there are times when a specialized piece of equipment is needed that only does one specific thing, and in the case of drilling holes, that’s an earth auger.  These precision tools help us to save time, which means that they also help us stick to the timetable that we commit to.

Augers Are Capable of Drilling Deep, Narrow Holes

An auger attachment is very useful in the construction industry because it allows for holes that are narrow and of varying depths to be dug.  Without an extension an auger can usually dig a hole that is anywhere from as shallow as a 200mm, up to as deep as 5 metres.  If you need to go deeper an extension can, be added to tunnel deeper into the ground.  Now that you see what an auger can do, you probably have a better idea of why it is such a valuable piece of equipment and how useful it can be.

When Would an Earth Auger Be Used?

Earthmoving auger attachments are ideal for drilling narrow holes, pier holes, such as for a column, fence post, pipe or footings.  While you can use an excavator or other tools to accomplish the same things, it’s much more difficult, and involves much more work than simply choosing the right tool for the job.

Can a Drill be Used Instead of an Auger?

An auger can drill much deeper than a drill and is far more versatile.  Now, if you only need to drill down a foot or two, then using an auger is overkill.  But, if you need a deep hole that is narrow as well, then an auger is the way to go.


Do we Have Personnel Trained to Use Earth Augers?

One thing that you can count on is that if we have equipment that we use, we have personnel that are highly trained in how to use it.  Our people are experienced in using all of our equipment. They can use it efficiently, and most importantly safely.  While there’s no way to be certain that we’ll need to use an earth auger when working on your property until we do an inspection, if we do, you can trust that the auger will be used by an experienced and qualified professional. Get in touch with us today.

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