Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction Perth Metro to Rural

Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction Perth Metro to Rural

To construct a New Granny Flat, firstly council approval is required, a builder needs to be selected or you can owner build your New Granny flat which will save you $1000s.

If you owner build you can select your own trades, have the Granny flat built the way your required, have interiors the way you want. As builders place percentages on top on each trade this is why they are more expensive when building and their trades are on time limits to complete the job. At least if you are in control you will know each trade and see there work and pay them directly.

At Dobson Excavations we can assist you with all earthworks required from start to finish.

We supply Sand , lay, compact and supply a certification certificate for your Granny Flat Sand Pad.

Dig all trenches required, water/phone/electricity etc,

Supply Leach drains/Septic Systems/ Soak Wells, excavate and install them.

Dobson Excavations Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction

Granny Flat Sand Pad Construction

Water Tank or Shed Pad sand pads.

Driveway construction to the Granny Flat, all materials we supply for the driveway.

Limestone Retaining walls required we supply blocks and construct the wall.

To Start the process please call Bruce on 0414755306 at Dobson Excavations or check out our web page

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