Soak Well Concrete Tank Supplied and Installed in all Area of Perth Metro/Rural

Soak Well Concrete Tank Supplied and Installed In all Areas of Perth Metro/Rural

Soak Well Concrete Tank supplied to your site and installed.

Soak Wells are used for drainage of water, where for example rain flows from gutters down pipes into soak wells, then the water seeps out the holes of the soak well concrete tank into the ground.

Concrete Soak Wells will last for many more years than plastic, as a soak well concrete tank can have a traffic-able lid install so you can drive over them.

Concrete Soak Wells come in different sizes starting from 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm as per the chart below


600 x 900   600 x 600                                                                                           Wall Thickness 60mm

900 x 1200       900 x 900         900 x 600                                                         Wall Thickness  60mm

1200 x  1500     1200 x 1200     1200 x 900      1200 x 600                             Wall Thickness 75mm

1500 x 1500     1500 x 1200       1500 x 900     1500 x 900    1500 x 600     Wall Thickness 75mm

1800 x 1800     1800 x 1500      1800 x 1200    1800 x 900   1800 x 600     Wall Thickness 90mm




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