Soak wells Supplied and Installed all Areas

Soak wells Supplied and Installed in all Areas

A soak wells divert and control water run off, from House and Shed roofs etc, water travels down drain pipes which run into the soak wells, soak wells have holes in the tanks which allow water to seep out into the ground.

Soak wells are made from a variety of materials and capacities, but usually concrete is the best option as they last a lot longer and a trafficable lid can be installed if you have area where a vehicle travels over it, as plastic can split and collapse.

Before you consider installing  soak wells in WA, you should familiarise yourself with your local shire council’s regulations. By law in Western Australia home owners have an obligation to confine any stormwater run-off within the boundaries of their property.

Rain water which is not effectively managed on your property can cause a range of issues. Apart from the obvious effects of erosion on your property and your neighbours, a build-up of water against your property can cause many issues including:

Erosion of house stumps and building subsidence
Subsidence of footings and concrete pads
Rising damp to walls and footings and flooring
Wood rot
And let’s not forget termites love a drink and you could be the key provider

Unless you effectively manage rainwater on your property, you could be faced with carrying out extensive repairs and renovations to your home, both inside and out, above and below. However, if you install  soak wells designed to accommodate the expected levels of rain water for your property, you are likely to avoid significant maintenance costs and avoid issues with your neighbours.

To work out what size soak wells you require, Simply calculate the area to be roofed or paved and use the above formula to find out the required amount of soak well volume. Eg. 60m2 of paved area. 60 x 0.0125 = 0.75 Required soak well size = 900 x 1200 Note: Always round up to the nearest volume.

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