Water Tanks Sand Pad Installation Jarrahdale-Serpentine-Karrakup-Oakford

Water Tank Sand Pad Installation

Installing a water tanks, firstly which tank will suit you best.

Metal Water Tanks

Zincalume & Colour Bond tanks, come in different sizes they range from 26,000 Litre to 275,000 Litre. They require a level pad of either sand or crusher dust depending on the water tanks suppliers requirements to usually a depth of 150mm.

Dobson Excavations Water Tanks Water Tank Pad Installation


Plastic Water Tanks

Round Water Tanks 501 Litres to 250,000 Litre are usually used for acreage properties.                        Slimline Water Tanks 1400 Litres to 5000 Litres  are suited to different households                Underground Water Tanks   1200 Litres to 5000 Litres where space is a problem                                     Rectangle Water Tanks 1800 Litres to 2000 Litres are used for Limited spaces.                    Eco Slimline Water Tanks 2000/3000/4000/5000 Litres for tighter spaces.

Dobson Excavations Water Tanks Water Tank Pad Installation - Plastic Water Tanks


Concrete Tanks

Concrete water tanks are made on site in various sizes depending on the supplier, a concrete tank is more durable in fires and will not melt, last longer but are more expensive.

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