Brush Cutter Slasher Attachment for Bobcat Hire-Serpentine-Keysbrook-Jarrahdale-Perth

Brush Cutter Slasher Attachment for Bobcat Hire-Serpentine-Keysbrook-Jarrahdale

Do you have either a bush block that requires clearing or a block of land with over growth of scrubs/bushes etc, required to be cleared so you can build you home/shed/Water Tanks/Driveways/Trenches.

Then Our Bobcat Case TR320 has a Brush Cutter/Slasher attachment, which handle this job, the Brush Cutter is a BRX318 produced by CAT,

The Overall Width -1911mm, Cutting Width-1829mm, Max Cutting Diameter 203mm, Weighs 1072Kg.


This Brush Cutter is used for clearing overgrowth such as scrubs/bushes/small trees/grass etc, it cuts down to ground level. It can even trim trees. Used as a slasher also for grass cutting instead of using a tractor.

The Brush cutter attached to the Bobcat can be used to clear land, Fire Prevention, House sites, Parks, Recreational areas, Council verges, Main Roads.

We also have a link to our web site which shows you the Brush Cutter Slasher in action, link below.

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Septic Tanks Supplied and Installed in Concrete from Perth-Lake Clifton-Myalup-Bunbury

Septic Tanks Supplied and Installed in Concrete from Perth-Lake Clifton-Myalup-Bunbury


Supply of concrete products and installation at Dobson Excavations, we not only excavate the hole for the septic tanks but we supply them also. We are your one stop earthmoving business, we cater to our customers a service, so customers do not have to hire different business to complete different jobs. At Dobson Excavations we can complete the job from start to finish.

If you check out our web page you will be able to view our work and machinery.

As for the installation of Septic Tanks in concrete, septic tanks are used for disposal of sewage and effluent, so concrete is less likely to break or spilt compare to plastic, yes plastic is cheaper, but do want to have to in the end waste more money years or months later to have to replace them if they spilt or cave in, at least with concrete you know they will most probably out last you.

Septic tanks are installed with either 2 leach drains or 2 sets of soak well tanks, These systems are called alternating systems as they have a diverter box which can change the flow of effluent allowing one half of the soak wells or one of the leach drains to be shut off at anytime. This allows the unused portion to dry out which rejuvenates the soils ability to receive effluent.

All the concrete products we supply are approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.

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Farm Dam Construction and Dam Clean Outs Perth -Rural-Metro

Farm Dam Construction and Perth-Rural-Metro

Farm Dam Construction is not a case of digging a hole and waiting for it to fill with water. Many farm dams fail because they were not constructed or planned out correctly. Most farm dams are compacted earth structures built at depressions, gullies or hillsides. Farm dams should be planned and built with the same care you would apply to building a house.

Things to consider when planning a Farm Dam Construction

• Government regulations that apply to your Farm Dam Construction check with your local council for regulations.

• Size of your dam allowing for evaporation and Farm requirements.

• Where to build your Farm Dam: A Gully usually is a good place to site a dam because it reduces the amount of earthworks and the overall cost. However, not everyone has the advantage of a gully site on their property; many farm dams are built on hillsides.
Two important considerations, the catchment yield and the soil type at the site.

• Preparing your site: Before building starts, the area to be covered by the embankment, spillway and excavation should be stripped of all topsoil, roots and vegetation (including trees and stumps). Store the topsoil for use in the completion of the embankment and spillway.

• Building your dam :The successful completion of an earth dam relies heavily on achieving a well-compacted embankment.
Apart from soil compaction, other major construction considerations include: • the cut-off trench • exposed rock • spillways • clay cores • embankment batters • freeboard • settlement of the embankment • crest width • topsoil use.

• Maintaining your dam. To allow the storage to fulfil its function it is important to carry out regular maintenance. It also helps to observe the following.
Ensure topsoil cover of at least 150 mm.
Establish a grass cover on the embankment and spillway as soon as possible. A grass that mats, such as kikuyu, is preferable to a grass that tufts.
Do not let trees or shrubs grow on the embankment, spillway or spillway outlet slope. Roots might disturb the compacted soil and provide a seepage path for water, while trees or shrubs in the spillway area will restrict the flow of flood water.
It is worthwhile to choose an earthmoving contractor who has experience and a good work record. Not every contractor has the experience or the ability to build a dam.  At Dobson Excavations we have this experience. Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a site visit and advise on your Farm Dam Construction.      #dobsonexcavations




Installing Soak Well Tanks for water or rain diversion Perth-Bunbury-Australind-Myalup-Preston Beach

Installing Soak Well Tanks for Water or Rain Diversion Perth-Bunbury-Australind-Myalup-Preston Beach

Soak well Tanks are an underground structure which allows rain water to drain away.

If rain water is not diverted away or runs off into a soak well tanks, than the rain water can cause your property and sometimes affect neighboring properties.

Which can cause Erosion of house pads, footings, Rising dam to walls, Floor and Foundation damage.

Soak well tanks work by collecting rainwater diverted by pipes attached to gutters, holes in the tanks allow seepage into the soil, they are installed underground.

They come in various sizes and traffic able lids are available if vehicles need to travel over them.

Concrete Soak well tanks will last longer and not collapse with weight over time.

At Dobson Excavations we supply concrete soak well tanks and install them.

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Mini Excavator for Tight Access or Limited Space for Hire

Mini Excavator for Tight Access or Limited Space for Hire

Is Tight Access a problem with your site? Or Limited Space where a machine can not turn or move around?

With our Mini Excavator its width is 98cm just under a meter, combined with our mini dump truck which is 790mm, we can assess just about anywhere, through garages, carports, side access.

We can access your yard with our Mini Excavator to install Leach drains, septic or soak well tanks, and Shed Pads, sand pad extensions, trenches, lawn removal, pool holes, rubbish removal etc.

If materials are required we supply sand and soil,than our Mini Excavator assist,  if materials are needed to be removed than our Mini Excavator and dump truck can move it out of your tight access or limited space.

Our Mini Excavator is a 1.7 Ton Hitachi ZX17U-S, our mini dump truck is a Wacker Nelson DT08.

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Soak Well Concrete Tank Supplied and Installed in all Area of Perth Metro/Rural

Soak Well Concrete Tank Supplied and Installed In all Areas of Perth Metro/Rural

Soak Well Concrete Tank supplied to your site and installed.

Soak Wells are used for drainage of water, where for example rain flows from gutters down pipes into soak wells, then the water seeps out the holes of the soak well concrete tank into the ground.

Concrete Soak Wells will last for many more years than plastic, as a soak well concrete tank can have a traffic-able lid install so you can drive over them.

Concrete Soak Wells come in different sizes starting from 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm as per the chart below


600 x 900   600 x 600                                                                                           Wall Thickness 60mm

900 x 1200       900 x 900         900 x 600                                                         Wall Thickness  60mm

1200 x  1500     1200 x 1200     1200 x 900      1200 x 600                             Wall Thickness 75mm

1500 x 1500     1500 x 1200       1500 x 900     1500 x 900    1500 x 600     Wall Thickness 75mm

1800 x 1800     1800 x 1500      1800 x 1200    1800 x 900   1800 x 600     Wall Thickness 90mm


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Soak wells Supplied and Installed all Areas

Soak wells Supplied and Installed in all Areas

A soak wells divert and control water run off, from House and Shed roofs etc, water travels down drain pipes which run into the soak wells, soak wells have holes in the tanks which allow water to seep out into the ground.

Soak wells are made from a variety of materials and capacities, but usually concrete is the best option as they last a lot longer and a trafficable lid can be installed if you have area where a vehicle travels over it, as plastic can split and collapse.

Before you consider installing  soak wells in WA, you should familiarise yourself with your local shire council’s regulations. By law in Western Australia home owners have an obligation to confine any stormwater run-off within the boundaries of their property.

Rain water which is not effectively managed on your property can cause a range of issues. Apart from the obvious effects of erosion on your property and your neighbours, a build-up of water against your property can cause many issues including:

Erosion of house stumps and building subsidence
Subsidence of footings and concrete pads
Rising damp to walls and footings and flooring
Wood rot
And let’s not forget termites love a drink and you could be the key provider

Unless you effectively manage rainwater on your property, you could be faced with carrying out extensive repairs and renovations to your home, both inside and out, above and below. However, if you install  soak wells designed to accommodate the expected levels of rain water for your property, you are likely to avoid significant maintenance costs and avoid issues with your neighbours.

To work out what size soak wells you require, Simply calculate the area to be roofed or paved and use the above formula to find out the required amount of soak well volume. Eg. 60m2 of paved area. 60 x 0.0125 = 0.75 Required soak well size = 900 x 1200 Note: Always round up to the nearest volume.

For Supply and Installation of Soak wells contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations for a free quote on  . or email us at

Construction of Driveways Serpentine-Jarrahdale-Mundijong-Oakford

Construction of Driveways Serpentine-Jarrahdale-Mundijong

Before construction of your new Driveway begins.

  1. Make sure there are no underground services where construction of driveway is being constructed.
  2.  Check that your new driveway is in your boundary of you property.
  3.  Excavations of the area to remove topsoil/grass etc and level out driveway area.
  4.  Sand or Limestone can be used as a firm base depending on what material you are using.
  5.  Compaction of the driveway is required to compact the gravel material.

Constructions of Gravel DrivewaysDobson Excavations Limestone Dobson Excavations Gravel Materials - Red Gravel for DrivewayBlue Gravel for Construction of Driveways

Dobson Excavations handles all Driveway constructionsWe can lay form work for concreting your driveway, supply  materials and even supply the concreter to complete your construction of driveway.

If you have an existing Driveway that requires a tidy up or redressing, then contact Bruce 0414755306 for a free quote and he can assist with his advise on what materials are best.



Limited Access Excavations From Perth to Busselton

Limited Access Excavations From Perth To Busselton 

At Dobson Excavations we offer mini excavator and mini dump truck service for Limited Access/Tight Access and confined spaces.

We can access just about any site, as sites are becoming more difficult to access due to developers cutting down block sizes.

Also residence are sub diving their blocks making the sites harder to access for builders and trades.

Many sites are now very narrow to access at Dobson Excavations our mini dump truck and mini excavator can handle the limited access with ease.

With our mini Excavator Limited access includes:                                               .Removal of Canopy on Excavator to access through garages and carports.     .Gates larger than 1100mm as the machine is 980mm in width so we can have some clearance on each side, the excavator is 1.8 in height without the canopy.

Our mini Dump Truck Limited access includes:                                                    .Access through gates larger than 820mm as it is 790mm in width it is not as wide as the excavator, so this machine can access just about any Limited Access space.  Plus it does not have a height issue as it is 1313mm in height.

With both these machines combined, the excavator can dig your site either for trenches, pool excavations, lawn or sand removal etc while the dump truck remove the materials or brings in the material through your limited access.

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Slasher Brush cutter Bobcat Hire for Fire Prevention Perth-Hamel-Lake Clifton-Harvey

Slasher Brush Cutter Bobcat Hire for Fire Prevention Perth-Hamel-Lake Clifton-Harvey

Fire Prevention is required over this summer season for prevent Bushfires.

At Dobson Excavations we have a Slasher/Brush cutter which is an attachment fitted to the bobcat, this Slasher/Brush Cutter can slash through and cut down shrubbery, small trees, bushes etc, it can also maintain large areas of grass. The Slasher/Brush Cutter can even trim trees, bushes, shrubbery that may need trimming near driveways, road ways, access tracks.

This is a job after we used the Slasher/Brush Cutter

This is the Bobcat below with the attachment.

Our Slasher /Brush Cutter can clear bushy blocks for house sites ready for House pad construction, clear paths for fire breaks, cut through tracks, it can be used for Parks and Recreational. Areas.

The Slasher/Brush Cutter is industrial grade,

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