Earthmoving Contractors of Machinery Hire Safety on Site Perth-Hamel-Harvey-Uduc

Earthmoving Contractors of Machinery Hire Safety on Site Perth-Hamel-Harvey-Uduc

Safety for ground workers near earthmoving contractors with machinery.

A traffic management plan is required to be planned developed and implemented. Determine access points of the site, view where machinery will travel and operate from personnel staff will be working. A map can be created that clearly marks the areas where machinery and or pedestrians cannot go. Ensure break areas and parking facilities will have good visibility and clear of machinery operations. Staff personnel should have safe and clear walkways to and from these areas.

Excavators, Bobcats, Traxcavators, Loaders etc have blind spots in areas around their machinery, blind spots preventing the operator from seeing persons or objects within certain angles, directions, etc.

Summary of Work place, Plan Work, develop and implement a traffic management plan and train persons on no go zones, Know the blinds spots of equipment, Use controls cameras, alarms equipment reserve beepers.

That is why safe work practice should be in place, also personal staff and people near sites should be aware that Earthmoving contractors of machinery operators can not always see them.

At Dobson Excavations we are experienced in safety on sites, contact our Earthmoving contractor Bruce 0414755306. 

Dobson Excavations Rock Hammer Machineries for Hire

Hammering Rock…

Tight or Limited Access at your site Perth- to -Bunbury-Australind-Dardanup

Tight or Limited Access at your site Bunbury-Australind-Dardanup

Dobson Excavations Tight Limited Access Machineries - Mini Backhoe, Mini Payloader Lifter

One of the earthmoving and excavation projects from Perth contractor Dobson ExcavationsOne of the earthmoving and excavation projects from Perth contractor Dobson Excavations.Dobson Excavations Tight Limited Access Machineries - Mini Hauler, Mini Payloader in Action


Mini Dump Truck

Combine our Mini Excavator and Mini Dump Truck for tight and limited access, we cater for sites where access down the side of the house has limited space, we can access under carports, through garages.

These machines can dig out back yards that require excess fill removed for lawn installation and removal, digging holes, digging trenches, filling in trenches,  pulling up paving, lifting blocks for limestone retaining walls construction which we can supply and install, soak wells, septic systems, concrete removal, under house excavation. We can cater for all tight and limited spaces from Perth to Bunbury/ Busselton, from Perth to Yanchep  from Perth inland to Midland, Beverley, Boddington, and all surrounding areas.

Our 6 wheeler tippers can also be used to take material away and bring in material to site.

The Mini Excavator is very powerful can lift up 500kg, the dump truck can carry up to 1 ton of materials.

Tight and Limited access is never a problem, now that Dobson Excavations can assist you with all your site requirements.

Contact Bruce the Narrow Access Excavations Expert on 0414755306 for a free quote, or email…

Septic and Soak wells Supply and Installed Perth-Dwellingup-Blytheswood-Meelon

Septic and Soak wells Supply and installed Perth- Dwellingup-Blytheswood-Meelon

Septic domestic systems consists of tanks and Leach Drains, Septic tanks are for the settlement of the solid waste and the remaining liquid is deposed of through Leach drains, usage of the drains is adjusted via a diverter.

Leach drains can be installed either below or above the ground (inverted). This depends on the water table, clay or rock content of the ground, for inverted leach drains a pump tank with an alarm is required in addition to the septic tanks.

Soak wells tanks in concrete are used for drainage of water from rain run off, from roof down pipes, its  a method of increasing infiltrations into the ground. The Soak well tanks have holes in them to allow the water to filter into the ground. Soak wells and Septic systems are best purchased in concrete, as concrete last longer, plastic depending on the quality can spilt underground or collapse.

At Dobson Excavations we can supply your concrete soak well and septic system/leach drains, from a quality supplier, excavate the hole, install, connect piping, and back fill.

Contact Bruce 0414755306 or email us at…

Dam Clean Outs, Construction & Extending Blytheswood-Pinjarra-Meelon-Oakley

Dam Clean Outs, Construction & Extending Blytheswood-Pinjarra-Meelon-Oakley 

Clean out dams for silt build up, silt is a granular material consisting of sand and clay, silt can cause erosion of the dam, so removal of the silt material is required, this will allow more water volume in the dam.

Construction of dams of any size and this is how:

Determine the water required each day (per litre), also remember evaporation and seepage losses per day occurs as well. The size and where the dam will be constructed.                                   Construct the Dam during the dry season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Council approval is required so check with your local council before constructing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Strip topsoil because it contains organic matter (such as roots) which prevents proper compaction and may provide seepage routes (piping) once the organic matter has decayed.

Extending Dams and Repairs

If you require your dam to be extending…

Truck Bobcat and Excavator Hire Perth-Bunbury-Australind-Burekup-Dardanup

Truck Bobcat and Excavator Hire Perth-Bunbury-Australind-Burekup-Dardanup

Combo rates available on Truck/Bobcat and Excavator Hire.

Truck hire for material removal or delivery. Our 6 Wheeler Tipper carry’s up to 10 cubic metre loads or up to 12.5 Ton, if larger quantities are required, we can attach our dog trailer which carry’s up to 19 cubic metre loads or up to 29 Ton.


Bobcat hire we have 2 Case tracked Bobcats a TR270 & TR320, the TR270 has a 74hp@2,500 rpm and the TR320 90hp@2,500 rpm.

Track loaders can be used for house pads, shed pads, removing loading or laying materials soil, sand, gravel etc, compacting the surfaces etc.

When using a tracked loader the compacting is a lot for efficient than wheeled bobcats and they have more moveability also.

Excavator 5.5 ton is capable of lifting and placing concrete septic tanks/soak wells into excavated holes, the excavator augers holes for fence posts, test holes, light pole installation etc, the excavator has a number of buckets for digging or excavating different size holes , digging trenches and if rock becomes a problem it has a rock hammer for hammering out the trench or holes.


Call Bruce for a free quote on 0414755306.

Dobson Excavations Truck Bobcat and Excavator Hammer Hire for Rock Hammering

Perth Bobcat Hire- South and North of the River

Perth Bobcat Hire-South and North of the River

Update on our TR320 Case Track loader bobcat Hire.

We have added with our TR270 Track loader, a TR320 it is classed a large bobcat, compared to a small loader.

The Height of the cab is 2043mm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Length from back of machine to front of bucket is 3611mm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Width of the machine is 1930mm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Weight is 4.2kg.

Has a 4 in 1 bucket which means it can grab material/trees/scrubs etc.

This machine is bigger than the standard bobcats, can carry more quantities for larger jobs, track loaders are more efficient and are able to move quicker on site than tyre bobcats.

Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a quote on our bobcat hire.

Auger Hire Perth-Mandurah-Dwellingup-Harvey-Boddington

Auger Hire Perth-Mandurah-Dwellingup-Harvey-Boddington

Auger hire required

A auger is a drilling device that is attached to either an Excavator or Bobcat to drill holes into the ground, for post holes, pier holes, test holes, ect. Augers are used in clay, rock and earth materials.

Auger hire attachments come in different sizes, at Dobson Excavations we have 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm.

Dobson Excavations Earthmoving and Excavation Services Digging and Hole Making With Auger Machines

Contact Bruce on 0414755306 for a free quote on Auger hire.



Land clearing Perth-Pinjarra-Harvey-Hamel-Ravenswood

Land clearing Perth-Pinjarra-Harvey-Hamel-Ravenswood

Purchased a new block and require land clearing of grass/trees/scrubs etc for building.

Have a block already and require land clearing or a firebreak to keep grass and scrubs clear on the block ready for summer?

Acreage block require land clearing for house/shed/water tanks sites.

What ever the land clearing job we at Dobson Excavations can assist with your job, contact Bruce on 0414755306 or Corinne in the office on 95252511 to arrange a quote.…

Pool Installation and Excavation Perth South and North of the River

Pool Installation and Excavation Perth South and North Of the River

Summer is nearing and a Pool Installation and Excavation will be required for your new pool.

Excavating the hole for the pool can be handled at Dobson Excavations, we can dig the hole, remove the fill.

When you purchase a pool, the pool company will either arrange someone to dig the hole but most times they will not remove the excess fill from the hole, so the customer is then suck with finding someone to remove the fill, adding more cost to the pool installation. Take the Hassell out of this and hire someone who can do the job from start to finish.

Limestone Retaining Wall Required for your pool installation and Excavation then we can assist with this also.

Required a pool removal, or filled in? then we can handle this as well.

To take the head ache out of your new pool installation, contact Bruce at Dobson Excavations on 0414755306 for a quote on your pool Excavation/Limestone Retaining wall/ fill removal.


Drainage Solutions Perth-Lake Clifton-Preston Beach-Capel-Myalup

Drainage Solutions Perth-Lake Clifton-Preston Beach-Capel-Myalup

Different Drainage Solutions.

Surface Drainage is the removal of water that collects on the land surface. Surface drainage system consists of shallow ditches and should include land smoothing or land grading. This type of system is suitable for all slowly permeable soils and for soils with Fragipans and clay sub soils

Stormwater pit is a water collection pit or storage container for stormwater. It is not designed to hold all the run off but needs to be large enough to contain the water pouring into it long enough to allow it to drain through the drainage pipes at a rate that keeps up with the flow of water.

Drainage Pit is a dry well, a dry well is underground structure that disposes of unwanted water most commonly surface run off, and stormwater. In some cases grey water a larger open pit and artificial swale that receives storm water and dissipates it into the ground is called an infiltration basin or recharge basin.

Rubble Pit is a trench filled with blue metal gravel and topped with sand to help disperse and remove stormwater. (The pipes from the new addition) connect to the pit with a section of slotted pipe (in the pit) a section of slotted pipe (in the pit) dispersing water through the gravel.

Headwalls or wing walls improve the flow of water into and out of conduits provide anchoring support for the pipe and prevent dislodging under excessive pressures control erosion an scour resulting from high velocities and turbulences and to prevent adjacent soil from sloughing into the water way opening.

End wall The brick, concrete or stonework construction at the sides of an excavation built to carry a flat or arched roof also called sidewall.

A Culvert is a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail or similar obstruction from one side to the other side. Typically embedded so as to be surrounded by soil, a culvert may be made from a pipe, reinforced concrete or other materials.

Types of Culverts for Drainage Solutions

Pipe culvert (Single-Multiple), Pipe Arch Culvert (Single-Multiple), Box Culvert (Single-Multiple), Arch (Single-Multiple), Bridge (Single-Multiple), Metal Box Culvert…